MEDITATION (a prose poem; from the 6/25/20 draft)

The Power of the Figurative Listening to Andy Puddicombe’s Headspace app (as if crucial to escaping the pollution of thoughts and feelings that wrap me in an excessively humid trap) as he…. guides… us beginner listeners (theoretically, as these particular recordings are designed for beginners, but I don’t know who happens to listen to them … Continue reading MEDITATION (a prose poem; from the 6/25/20 draft)

draft from “Effexor”

[the primary narrator and protagonist Dylan Starr reflects on how Effexor has significantly reduced his depression and anxiety symptoms] Cities with skyscrapers built of lava hardened doom From and upon constantly erupting volcanoes—their fumes And the acid rain monsoons Now seem transformed into peaceful beach sand dunes Ah, sand grains flying in the wind … Continue reading draft from “Effexor”